Salescorp provides the sales that your company needs

We handle all types of sales and services, through effective and efficient operation of our call centre. We provide the equipment and competent employees to fulfill your sales targets...

We have tremendous experience and expertise in operating sales and call centers, and our emphasis is to create results from day one! We offer driving salesmen that perfectly supplements our competencies on the phone in our call center.

Our specialty is our management of sales and win-back of customers – we love to plan for the future, and are eager to deliver a quick and effective performance and, thus create the results that you want in the shorter run as well.

As we are experts on efficient call centers and sales, we make sure to create your future sales and retain your current customers.

Why Salescorp?

Experience our offers within the fields of integrated telemarketing solutions.

Customers and Cases

Here you will find examples of what we have accomplished for customers such as Viasat, Bonnier and Telenor

Who are Salescorp?

Salescorp is a leading company within sales and call center operations, and have by now more than 10 years of experience.