We collect satisfied customers

Here are some of them:


For Viasat, our job is to sell satellite dish and receiver equipment for TV usage as well as TV contracts to new as well as existing customers.

Viasat wanted a better sale and better buy rates than what they had at another large provider of call center services in Denmark.

To solve the assignment in the best possible way, Salescorp built a department consisting of a sales manager, a coach as well as some junior coaches and sales representatives. This very same department provides today a major part of the sales of Viasat. We do, through a rigid quality control, make sure that almost a 100% of the customers also ends up as happy, paying customers at Viasat – In particular have we made a big difference compared to the previous experiences Viasat has had with outsourcing.

We have a really good cooperation with Salescorp.They provide us with a good part of our sales and additional sales to new, as well as existing customers. We have been working together since the summer of 2006 and our experiences with Salescorp are most excellent. The people behind Salescorp are passionate about delivering the goods and reach the planned targets; it is a pleasure to witness.

Viasat has been a customer at many call centers in Denmark, but have never been so satisfied, as we are with Salescorp.

- Kim Poder, CEO, Viasat


We sell printers and cultivate the dealer network for Lexmark

Lexmark wanted to get closer to the existing customers and get a hold of the smaller business customers, where a business meeting would not be profitable.

We built a department that, at first, was located with Lexmark to give the sales representatives a profound knowledge of both the product and the industry. We could, as well as Lexmark, continuously collect data and improve the process. The knowledge is priceless and today, Lexmark sells goods worth several million through this department on a yearly basis.