We are leading in call center operations and sales

All members of the director team have more than 10 years of experience within sales and call centers. That has provided us with customers such as Tele2, Viasat and Lexmark.

Efficient and effective sales

At our Viasat department, for instance, our sales team sells contracts in excess of 3.000 DKK a year. It is challenging sell such an expensive through the phone; however, this is something that we are good at. Thus, we have become a permanent large-scale supplier for Viasat.

With Tele2, the assignment is different. As a result, we ended up building a completely new organization to handle the many calls. This is too one of our core competencies.

How we work

Your customers deserve the best treatment from a competent team. Salescorp has a solid expertise in managing sales and retain customers. Your customers will never doubt that we are not a part of your organization, but bought by you for the assignment, as we educate of sales representatives specifically in your products. It is the optimal solution for you, your customers and for us.

We will do our best to enthrone your company and build a team that will take the best care of your interests. Maybe having your sales team internal is better, maybe it will work better by having them located at our locations – either way, you decide, and we will make it happen!

Where we live

Salescorp is located at Amager Strandvej 22, 2300 Copenhagen S, and we do currently employ 150 employees, we are, however, a growing company, so please do not get surprised if we are soon employing employee number 200.

We take care of our team in a way so that they are happy and at the top – the customers do notice it, and it gives a better sale in the end.

Key Personal in Salescorp

The following have positions in the board of directors of Salescorp: Johannes Havig and Kurt Næsted.

Johannes Havig
Johannes Havig is Norwegian and former CEO of Transcom Danmark and VP in one of the biggest outbound call centers in Norway with more than 500 employees - See résumé

Kurt Næsted
Kurt Næsted is partner in Connection Management, where he works with organizational development on a strategic as well as operational level - See résumé